Edgewater Community Information

Edgewater?s proximity to the city of Chicago is one of its best assets. Chicago, with its powerhouse economy, first-rate entertainment, rich history, cultural diversity and Midwestern warmth is also a transportation hub for air, rail and car. The city?s world-class attractions, sporting events, theaters, museums, parks and shopping centers make for a quality of life that nearly 3 million people enjoy today.

Chicago?s architecture, one of its primary claims to fame, is a source of pride for residents. It is the birthplace of the skyscraper and has been the guinea pig for now-famous styles of architecture. Also famous for its food, you can?t visit the city without trying a locally made deep-dish pizza. Eateries range from popular delis to extravagant steakhouses with sweeping skyline views.

Chicago?s hospitality leaves even short-term visitors feeling at home. Its eclectic mix of people, educational institutions and entertainment options are the perfect complement to a town like Edgewater, where everyone is welcome.